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MJC² has been a leading provider of advanced retail enterprise software solutions for nearly 20 years, developing advanced software which has been able to keep pace with the rapid evolution of these businesses. Leading retail enterprises have reported savings of up to 30% following the installation of our systems.

  • multi-depot, multi-temperature, integrated logistics
  • demand led rostering, task allocation, warehouse planning
  • vehicle routing, driver scheduling, slot optimization
  • inventory optimization, replenishment scheduling
  • demand and capacity planning, resilience optimization
  • global supply chain planning and real-time visibility

Our software solutions address a wide range of operations including supermarkets, groceries, home delivery, fashion & apparel, newsagents, DIY, jewelry, furniture and department stores.

Retail Distribution Software

MJC²'s distribution scheduling system DISC plans and optimizes complex distribution networks in real-time. DISC's delivery planning system accurately models the entire distribution operation, from primary collections through to final delivery, via a complex network of depots, warehouses and intermediate distribution centres. Going beyond standard fixed-route based scheduling, it provides an integrated scheduling tool which can optimize globally while following all operational constraints and business requirements.

Implementing DISC delivers the following benefits to a retail distribution operation:

  • Automatic planning and optimization of the entire network
  • Increased service levels to customers and retail outlets
  • Better resource utilisation: fleet reduction and less overtime
  • Reduced distribution and warehousing costs
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • Enhanced visibility across the entire operation
  • Faster response to fluctuating customer demand

Home Delivery Software

Our retail software systems include real-time routing and scheduling tools which are ideally suited to the dynamic home delivery environment. Our delivery scheduling and dynamic planning & real-time vehicle tracking home delivery software solutions are capable of automatically optimizing 1000's of vehicle movements in seconds. The vehicle routing tools can take account of all operational constraints such as vehicle capacities, delivery/collection windows, warehouse/assembly/sorting constraints, customer preferences, returns, driver skills, required vehicle attributes, etc. Typical applications of our scheduling software for home delivery planning include:

  • Dynamic routing and planning of deliveries based on real-time customer orders
  • Delivery slot scheduling and allocation
  • Integrated optimization of trunking, warehouse & sortation operations
  • Tactical and strategic planning of drivers' shifts based on weekly or seasonal variations
  • Real-time driver planning and response to last-minute orders
  • Strategic optimization of the delivery/collection operation based on forecast volumes

Retail Employee Scheduling & Staff Rostering

MJC²'s employee scheduling and staff planning systems provide job allocation, shift planning and demand led rostering functionality. ROCS is a powerful rostering and employee scheduling toolset which plans and optimizes staff work schedules based on expected or actual demands. Our workforce management software is flexible enough to accurately model business rules and constraints, taking account of factors such as required employee skills/seniority, working time directive constraints, shift patterns, union agreements, holiday entitlement, overtime rules, annualised hours, etc.

Our staff scheduling software can be used for applications such as:

  • Creating employee rosters and shift plans for retail outlets
  • Rostering warehouse staff, driver crews and logistics personnel
  • Optimizing the assignment of call-centre staff to follow anticipated demand
  • Scheduling merchandiser activity or inspection/survey tasks

Supply Chain Optimization Software

MJC²'s supply chain optimization software drives improved planning and fulfillment in the retail supply chain, leading to shorter planning cycles, faster response to demand changes and improved visibility and analytical capabilities. Our real-time dispatcher software REACT enables dynamic logistics planning and replanning in response real-time events, while our strategic supply chain optimization software SLIM can be used to address optimization problems such as:

  • Choosing the best location for a new warehouse or distribution centre
  • Optimizing the integration of primary and secondary distribution operations
  • Balancing the assignment of resources to logistics centres
  • Negotiating supplier contracts
  • Assigning product groups to warehouses

Retail Inventory Management Software

Our inventory management software e-Stock optimizes the flow and balance of inventory throughout the retail supply chain. Using actual or forecast demand as input, the stock management system optimizes minimum, maximum and ideal stock levels throughout the supply chain, taking account of factors such as transport constraints, warehousing/storage constraints, minimum order quantities, seasonality, regional variations, import/export restrictions, supplier production capacity, etc.

Replenishment optimization tools facilitate e-collaboration between retailers and their suppliers, automating the generation of replenishment orders along the supply chain and providing visibility over the entire network. Our retail inventory management modules may be used alongside our complementary supply chain planning systems such as our delivery scheduling software to balance stocking levels at retail outlets and intermediate distribution centres with a view to minimising warehousing costs while maintaining high customer service levels.

Retail Forecasting Software

MJC²'s forecasting system i-Data provides analysis and profiling tools to facilitate the generation of sales forecasts for retail operations. The demand forecasting system includes powerful integration tools which can be used to extract historical data from corporate orders databases and legacy systems. Forecasts are based on intelligent algorithms which can be configured to model specific business profiles and operations, taking account of factors such as regional variances, seasonality, product groups, business trends, marketing data, strategic analysis, etc.



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