Postal Operations Optimization Software


SAFEPOST: Postal Operations Optimization

SAFEPOST addresses the re-use and development of security & knowledge assets for international postal supply chains, focusing on advanced tracking, detection and decision support tools and their integration with powerful logistics optimization and scheduling software.

Innovative new optimization techniques applied to postal logistics operations enable increased efficiency and transparency in the supply chain, driving enhanced security while generating operational cost savings and improved customer service.

Postal Operations Optimization

A key component of the SAFEPOST solution is postal operations optimization software that will enable large postal and parcel operations to streamline their operation while increasing security and visibility:

  • Use advanced logistics scheduling algorithms to detect suspicious activity and optimise logistics and transport operations based on real-time tracking data.
  • Automatically process and interpret tracking data received from vehicles and integrate with logistics planning systems
  • Dynamically replan operations in response to real-time events to improve service levels and increase efficiency
  • Increased security + reduced operational costs




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