Shift Planning & Roster Optimization

Shift Pattern Planning

Fixed shift patterns can work for some operations, but increasingly there is a need to have either more complex patterns, or a degree of flexibility in shift timings based on actual workload.

MJC²'s ROCS shift planning software enables generation of tailored work patterns and complex multi-length shift rosters.

ROCS can optimize combinations of different shift lengths (e.g. 12 hour shifts, 8 hour shifts, 10 hour shifts, 24 hour shifts) and patterns (e.g. 4-on-4-off, 5-shift patterns, 7-day shift patterns, etc.) to match cover more closely to demand.

For 24/7 operations such as factories, emergency services, healthcare and logistics, patterns can be developed which follow the demand profile during the day, while adhering to legal and contractual constraints.

Employee Shift Scheduling

Staff rosters and shift rotas can be optimized for a wide range of operations including factories, logistics, retail, healthcare, call centres, and field service engineers.

Our demand led rostering systems are designed to be used by large organisations with 1000s of personnel, where it is necessary to model multiple contracts and complex scheduling requirements.

Having generated the preferred set of patterns, ROCS also calculates corresponding staffing levels, using a proportion of agency and part-time cover if appropriate.

Automatic allocation to individual employees allows rotas to be calculated and published quickly. Short-term re-optimization and refinement of the rotas (e.g. in response to unexpected demand) can be undertaken quickly, while respecting notice periods and other contractual or union agreements.

More Information

For more information please see the summary of ROCS, addressing demand led rostering and job scheduling.



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