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Time Planning Software

MJC²'s workforce management software includes time tracking (time & attendance), employee performance optimization, staff scheduling and dynamic job allocation functionality. Typical applications of our time management tools include:

  • Staff planning: employee scheduling software which can automatically calculate staff rosters and allocation of work or jobs on a dynamic or strategic basis, taking account of factors such as skills, training, availability, location, team composition requirements, etc.
  • Employee time tracking and dynamic planning: real-time systems which can automatically track employee activity (time clock software) and reschedule to balance hours worked, making full use of paid hours while minimising overtime.
  • Mobile workforce optimization: real-time job allocation to employees in the field, scheduling and rescheduling of tasks responding to unforeseen events such as unplanned absence, last-minute requests, delays, etc. while making best use of staff availability.

Our time management software and employee performance optimization tools are applicable to all industry sectors and markets, having the flexibility to model all business rules and constraints as well as the power to schedule and optimize large organisations.

Time and Attendance & Real-time Scheduling

MJC²'s workforce optimization solutions can be integrated with Time and Attendance systems to maximise resource utilization and employee performance. As well as reviewing and analysing data from Employee Time Tracking Software, our employee scheduling systems are able to respond to deviations from plan, automatically taking corrective action or alerting human resource planning managers to potential problems. Integration with employee self service software enables real-time communication of shift plans and rotas to staff as well as capture of holidays and training requests.

The benefits of our staff software tools include:

  • Automatic planning of complex shift schedules based on forecast work-loads, taking account of employee skills and availability, complex working hours agreements (e.g. full time, part time, annualised hours, temporary, contractor, etc.), priority, location and business rules and constraints.
  • Automatic real-time notification of shift schedules to staff (e.g. employee self-service systems) to ensure that all aspects of the operation remain synchronised.
  • Dynamic response to unexpected events and deviations from the work schedule e.g. if data captured by the time and attendance system indicates a deviation from planned hours worked the system can automatically take corrective action (scheduling employees to undertake different tasks) or alert human resources planners.
  • Integrated asset planning and resource scheduling e.g. for manufacturing, distribution or engineering operations.

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