Utilities & Energy

Utilities & Energy Service Software

MJC²'s mobile workforce optimization and field service software solutions provide intelligent planning and management of utilities and energy field service personnel to maximise workforce productivity. Our real-time job assignment algorithms are capable of scheduling and re-scheduling thousands of jobs within seconds, while our wireless field service management software enables real-time communication and data transfer between central planning systems and the mobile workforce.

  • field service automation - PDA software
  • job allocation - mobile workforce scheduling
  • roster creation - shift patterns - demand forecasting

Mobile Field Service Software

Our wireless field service solution MOBi enables real-time communication between the mobile workforce and central planning systems. MOBi is designed for mobile employees such as utilities engineers, meter readers, field service engineers, inspectors, roadside recovery engineers, surveyors and sales/service personnel. Our workforce management solutions are highly configurable and can be tailored to meet specific operational requirements. MOBi is able to run on portable computers such as PDAs, laptops and mobile phones, and is fully compatible with wireless, GPRS and 3G technologies.

Real-time Field Service Scheduling Software

MJC² is a world-leading provider of real-time mobile workforce scheduling software. Our planning and scheduling systems are capable of scheduling thousands of jobs/events in a matter of seconds, optimizing the assignment of work to employees while following business-specific rules and constraints. Our real-time scheduling systems can take account of factors such as skills, training, availability, preferences, overtime, location, etc. when deciding which employee should be assigned to each job. Typical applications include scheduling of field service engineers, real-time planning of surveys, scheduling of safety or quality control inspectors, etc.

Employee Scheduling Software & Staff Rostering Systems

MJC²'s employee scheduling and staff planning system ROCS creates shift plans and rosters based on forecast or actual demands. The human resource planning program optimizes the scheduling of staff shifts taking account of working time directives, preferences, union agreements, annualised hours, seasonality, daily or weekly variances, holidays, etc. Rosters can be created over a period of weeks or months, balanced to ensure an even distribution of work to employees to minimise overtime and maximise availability and customer service. Our forecasting system i-Data enables analysis and profiling of historical data to estimate future service requirements. Our staff planning systems integrate with Time & Attendance or mobile workforce tracking systems to facilitate management of working patterns and hours and to provide visibility across the organisation.


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