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The objective of VISION was to create an Internet-based system to promote rapid Industrial Reconversion and Development in Europe. Industrial Reconversion is a process of crucial importance for many areas around Europe and particularly in the East. Large parts of the continent have seen their traditional industries disappear leaving behind islands of unemployment and social deprivation though, in many cases, peopled by workers of very high qualifications and ability. At the same time, industries in other parts of Europe suffer from lack of qualified manpower.

A similar problem in Western Europe (how to dynamise flagging regions) was addressed in many cases by the creation of so-called Technopoles, sometimes also called Research Parks or Incubators. These are new areas of high technology built around centres of research expertise. They begin with start-ups and typically grow at a very fast rate, dynamising a whole area around them. Up to now the Incubators have been geographically localised, built around a central nucleus of expertise.

The achievement of VISION was to launch the idea of the Virtual Incubator, a Europe-wide network linking potential Industrial Reconversion sites, start-ups, Venture Capitalists, Technopoles and Local Authorities. Such network will revolutionise the way Industrial Reconversion is carried out and will dynamise and expedite Industrial Reconversion of sites throughout Europe.

Technically, the system developed during the VISION project was of a modular design, incorporating a number of different functionalities but doing so with a coherent user interface. However, though integrating seamlessly, the individual modules are each usable independently.

  • Multi-lingual internet interface module - a system was designed to manage the creation and maintenance of internet pages, both static and dynamic, in multiple languages, by non-technical personnel. Code is separated in a functionality layer and an interface layer, with the latter being modified by language specialists on the internet server.
  • Legal repository module - a system was created to manage the storing, searching and retrieving of legal information. The system was developed in XML so as to have a hierarchical organisation, providing the required balance of responsiveness and detail required by a range of users.
  • Company catalogue module - a system was created to enable non-technical users to create on-line catalogues containing details about their company and its products and services. The system guides users through the process of entering the required data, formats it, and makes it available to other users via a search mechanism.

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