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MJC²'s workforce planning software includes scheduling, optimization, reporting, analytics and strategic tools for managing large workforces. Typical applications of our workforce management tools include:

  • Driver shift planning: calculation of shift patterns and optimization of hours utilisation taking into account forecast or actual demand and logistics constraints.
  • Utilities engineer scheduling: real-time assignment of jobs to mobile employees, including automatic scheduling of work and notification via mobile devices such as laptops or PDAs.
  • Field force optimization: forward planning of resource utilisation and task assignment taking account of availability, training, employment contracts, working time regulations, geographical or logistical constraints, service agreements and equipment requirements.
  • Strategic workforce planning: long-term planning and optimization of the workforce based on forecast/anticipated workloads and human resource strategy.
  • Workflow management: software for controlling and managing complex tasks, implementing workflow management systems with planning and scheduling capability.

Our workforce planner software is applicable to all industry sectors and markets, such as health (e.g. NHS), utilities, logistics, manufacturing, service, retail, leisure, etc. The systems can model all business rules and constraints, providing the work force planning manager with the right tools to schedule and optimize in real-time.


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