Advanced HMI Research


The ADEPT (Advanced Design Environment for Prototyping and Task modelling) project focused on the development of a sophisticated approach for designing user interfaces to software toolsets.

The key is to establish a framework of intuitive, easy-to-use interface modules which give the user the ability to use the software system with minimal training.

By focusing on the user and the way they will interact with the task modelling system it is possible to rapidly develop intuitive interface components for complex systems.

Perhaps the most vital aspect of a system is its usability. Extensive training of staff when a new system is installed is costly, and a poorly designed user interface leads to resentment and unwillingness from the end user.

ADEPT provides a system for optimizing the design of the interface to ensure that it has concepts and terminology which are familiar to all employees.


MJC²'s involvement in the ADEPT project has led to a significant enhancement in the design of our software from the end user perspective:

  • Manufacturing scheduling applications, such as those used by partners BAe, require manipulation of very large and often complex datasets. ADEPT has fed into the design of our production scheduling software PIMSS for optimizing factory operations.
  • Port and terminal planning and associated logistics optimization is similarly complex, and the ADEPT approach has enhanced MJC²s' container logistics toolsets.
  • Logistics planning solutions, such as DISC use GUI and data manipulation tools that have benefited from the ADEPT approach, allowing very large national and international networks to be managed effectively with a small management team.

ADEPT Partners

The ADEPT project is a collaboration between MJC², British Aerospace and British Maritime Technology, and led by the University of London.



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