Bulk Logistics Planning Software

Bulk Distribution Scheduling

The planning of bulk transport for commodities such as milk & dairy products, cement, concrete, petrol, lubricants, food & beverages, diesel, powdered products, fuel and liquefied gases presents a challenging scheduling and optimization problem.

The conflicting pressures of increased customer service expectations and maximisation of resource usage focus attention on the ability to react dynamically to changes on a minute-by-minute basis.

MJC²'s award winning dynamic tanker scheduling software provides powerful transport planning tools which can schedule bulk goods transportation in real-time.

Dynamic Tanker Scheduling

In businesses where order fulfilment windows may be as narrow as half-an-hour, and penalties for late delivery may be substantial, the ability to react quickly to operational problems such as traffic delays, breakdowns, last minute orders, etc. is vital.

MJC²'s real-time tanker dispatching system REACT can respond dynamically to updates from the operation (e.g. last-minute changes to orders, GPS vehicle tracking information, etc.) while maintaining strategic objectives such as improved fleet utilisation, reduced spot-hire costs and balanced use of drivers, depot employees and vehicles.

Our bulk logistics planning systems are used to schedule large distribution operations which operate under tight time constraints and service level agreements, driving benefits such as reduced transport costs, strategic optimization of resource utilisation and improved adherence to schedule.

REACT can dynamically reschedule tanker movements in seconds, allowing the transport plan to be continuously updated based on the latest information available.

Collection Scheduling & Routing

Bulk distribution networks containing many interacting depots, collection points and delivery locations can be optimized using our transportation & logistics planning software DISC. Our scheduling and optimization software can model specific operational rules such as:

  • Cleaning/changeover rules for chemical transportation, dairy, bulk petroleum or beverages
  • Special pumping/blowing equipment e.g. for dry bulk transportation or fuel distribution
  • Refrigerated transportation requirements e.g. for bulk food distribution
  • Driver/employee training for waste transportation or transporting liquid gases
  • Use of IBC and other containers for liquid shipping and intermodal cargo operations

DISC creates optimized transportation schedules for bulk collection routes and delivery operations on a daily or real-time basis. Integration with our strategic logistics optimization system SLIM enables forward planning of the logistics network and capacity planning at depots and storage/processing facilities.



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