Capacity Planning Software

Manufacturing Capacity Planning

MJC²'s capacity planning tools model production rules and constraints with enough detail to ensure that capacity plans and "rough-cut" schedules are still accurate enough to be of use for managing the manufacturing operation.

Our production planning software PIMSS takes actual or forecast orders as input and automatically generates a master schedule and inventory requirements based on factors such as line throughput, employee/labour availability, raw materials availability, planned preventative maintenance, batch scheduling rules, seasonal profiles, cycle planning constraints and transport constraints.

Single Site Operations

At the site level the capacity planning tools show where potential bottlenecks or over-capacity occur, by creating production schedules to meet forecast orders and/or inventory level targets.

The planning system also provides flexible analysis and reporting tools to enable users to quickly assess the factory schedule and identify potential opportunities or issues.

Integration with ROCS allows corresponding labour shift patterns and staffing levels to be optimized. The impact of changes such as new shift patterns or investment in new equipment can be quickly analysed using the PIMSS 'what-if' toolsets.

Regional or National Operations

For regional or national multi-site operations, PIMSS and e-Stock (inventory optimization) allow integrated planning, modelling not just factory constraints but also associated logistics operations for inter-factory transport of components.

The timescale and degree of granularity of the capacity plan is configurable, ensuring that PIMSS optimizes according to the requirements of the business.

PIMSS optimizes the allocation of products/components to production facilities to balance overall throughput and maximise the utilisation of available capacity. The integrated transport model allows the total impact/cost of different strategies to be analysed.

Global Supply Chains

Extended international supply chains and distributed manufacturing operations rely not only on efficient factory operations but also on synchronised multimodal logistics.

Integration of PIMSS with MJC²'s multimodal logistics scheduling software creates a strategic global supply chain planning solution.

Operationally this allows day-to-day management and rescheduling of production and logistics operations, based on latest inventory positions and expected arrival times of inbound components.

At the strategic level the user can develop resilience strategies and contingency plans to assess the robustness of the supply chain to major disruptions such as natural disasters, labour disputes or political disturbance.



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