Capacity Planning Software

Manufacturing Capacity Planning

MJC²'s capacity planning tools model production rules and constraints with enough detail to ensure that capacity plans and "rough-cut" schedules are still accurate enough to be of use for managing the manufacturing operation.

Our production planning software takes actual or forecast orders as input and automatically generates a master schedule and inventory requirements based on factors such as line throughput, employee/labour availability, raw materials availability, planned preventative maintenance, batch scheduling rules, seasonal profiles, cycle planning constraints, transport constraints, etc.

The timescale and degree of granularity of the capacity plan is configurable, ensuring that PIMSS optimizes according to the requirements of the business.

PIMSS includes a powerful master scheduler graphical user interface which includes gantt charts, histograms and tabular reports displaying production line plans, employee/staffing requirements, raw materials utilisation, etc.

The planning system also provides flexible analysis and reporting tools to enable users to quickly assess the factory schedule and identify potential opportunities or issues.


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