Crew & Team Scheduling

Staff Scheduling Software

MJC²'s workforce planning toolsets toolsets are applicable to very large optimization problems such as the scheduling of crews, engineering teams or field service personnel.

Our core scheduling modules cover areas such as rostering, shift pattern optimization, task scheduling/allocation and mobile workforce planning.

In addition MJC² provides tailored solutions for specific operational requirements such as planning of teams or integrated scheduling of equipment and logistics operations.

Rostering and Task Allocation

ROCS provides demand-driven rostering and task allocation algorithms which can automatically generate shift patterns and job schedules for distributed, multi-skilled workforces.

At the strategic level, ROCS allows shift patterns and staffing levels to be optimized based on forecast demand, as well as provisional allocations of work to staff to facilitate capacity planning.

For day-to-day management of the operation ROCS dynamically allocates work to personnel based on their skills, availability and location, automatically responding to last-minute changes.

Mobile Workforce Optimization

MOBi addresses the planning of mobile workforces and field service personnel, extending the ROCS functionality to consider geographical factors and routing constraints.

For example, in planning mode MOBi allocates work to personnel based on their home location and standard territory, while in real-time mode the system uses the current location of each individual (based on e.g. GPS data) to automatically allocate last-minute work.

MOBi includes configurable mobile data capture modules to allow field service personnel to record events and measurements in real-time, with integrated reporting tools and dashboards to provide a control tower view of the operation.

Tailored Crew Scheduling Solutions

Team Scheduling

MJC² can also provide configured solutions to address crew and team scheduling requirements which have specific operational rules and constraints.

For example, jobs which involve the allocation of large teams covering a diverse set of skills and complex inter-dependence between sub-tasks are extremely challenging to schedule by hand. MJC²'s software can automate this process, saving management time and increasing the utilisation and productivity of team members.

Specific rules such as required rest periods, balance of employee skillsets and crew preferences are modelled. In real-time mode the workforce planning tool can be used to respond dynamically to operational problems such as breakdowns, employee absence or adverse weather conditions.

Integrated Equipment Planning

Our resource planning software allows integrated scheduling of personnel and equipment. High-value mobile assets such as specialist surveying, construction or measurement equipment usually require corresponding planning of appropriately trained staff.

The MJC² approach allows personnel, equipment and corresponding logistics operations (e.g. transport of staff or machines) to be planned using an integrated model, ensuring efficient and synchronised use of all resources.



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