Crew Scheduling Software

Crew Scheduler Systems

Our crew scheduling toolsets are typically applicable to very large optimization problems such as the scheduling of airline crews, rail crews, maintenance engineers and emergency recovery engineers. Using our optimization and planning algorithms we are able to provide customised staff software solutions which match business requirements and operational constraints.

All our human resources planning systems are driven by a user-friendly graphical interface, allowing the user to interact transparently with the underlying database and optimization modules. Our crew scheduler algorithms are the most advanced in the marketplace and allow even very complex operations to be planned on a real-time or strategic basis. The core databases are fully e-enabled, allowing online visibility and reporting via corporate intranet or internet access.

Our human resources software is designed to be configured to match the specific needs of the business, allowing detailed level planning of crew movements based on schedules or anticipated workloads. Each module may be customised to ensure that operational constraints such as required rest periods, balance of employee skillsets and crew preferences are met. In real-time mode the workforce planning tool can be used to respond dynamically to operational problems such as breakdowns, employee absence or adverse weather conditions, while a strategic optimization layer facilitates long-term planning based on expected work-loads or anticipated changes to the business.


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