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eMAR: Reducing Admin, Paperwork & Costs

A common complaint voiced by maritime operators is the huge burden of administration and paperwork that falls on them due to the stringent reporting requirements imposed by national and governmental organisations.

The e-Maritime initiative tackles this by implementing standardised electronic reporting mechanism which does away with almost all the current form-filling.

The eMAR project is a consortium of industry, government, technical and research organisations which has applied the e-maritime approach to real-world situations in the maritime logistics industry, delivering massive operational benefits.


The European Commission's e-Maritime initiative will lead to a paperless, streamlined and optimized maritime logistics industry.

This will not only save countless hours of administration and form-filling, but also millions of euros through better planning and scheduling of logistics activity:

  • Automatically plan & optimize maritime logistics;
  • Schedule port & dock activity;
  • Optimize multimodal logistics;
  • Automate admin and form-filling tasks.

Maritime Logistics Optimization

eMAR enables optimization of the maritime logistics operation and related hinterland activity. The increased availability of key data allows real-time transport planning systems to update and re-optimize logistics plans.

eMAR provides increased visibility and control along the logistics chain and allows ship operators to exchange information more easily with ports, depots, trucking companies, rail operators and inland waterways management.

eMAR: Interoperable Data Exchange

eMAR exploits interoperability between systems to optimize the logistics operation. Port community systems, transport network applications, ship operational databases and transport logistics control systems can share real-time data in a controlled, secure environment.

The eMAR architecture and how it facilitates real-time logistics planning.

The eMAR architecture and how it facilitates real-time logistics planning

eMAR is a next-generation e-maritime infrastructure that provides technological services, connectivity, security and shared information. The eMAR solution drives the following benefits:

  • reduced paperwork: automatic data transfer between government & industry;
  • optimized transport services supported by real-time decision support systems;
  • improved safety and security of maritime transport services & employees;
  • reduced environmental impact through increased efficiency and visibility;
  • sustainable waterborne transport: efficient and secure door-to-door transport.



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