Air Cargo Resource Planning


EUROSKY applies innovative new optimization solutions to air freight security management procedures. MJC²'s real-time resource planning software enables dynamic optimization of employees and equipment based on real-time data made available by the EUROSKY platform.

Real-time Risk Alerting Dashboard

The Real-time Risk Alerting Dashboard targets security threats at all entrance/access points to airports/air-cargo areas by providing security staff with up to date information regarding drivers/transporters accessing different air cargo locations and about their corresponding cargo and transportation routes. This information can refined as GPS tracking data is made available and provides security and operational planning personnel visibility and control over the inbound logistics operation.

Cargo Screening Resource Optimizer

MJC²'s resource planning software uses real-time flight data and air cargo orders to maintain minute-by-minute an updated expected volume throughput profile through scanners and cargo handling areas. The Cargo Screening Resource Optimizer integrates with staff rostering tools to monitor and optimize the flow of cargo against resource availability, which will:

  • Smooth the flow of cargo into screening centres throughout the shift to avoid peaks
  • Optimize the utilisation of staff and screening equipment
  • Improve End-of-Scan times at the processing centres
  • Improve customer service levels and deliver increased flexibility

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