Interactive Tour Guide

Multimedia Museum Experience

Our interactive electronic guide provides a tailor-made multimedia experience for visitors to museums, theme parks, archaeological sites, exhibitions, galleries, castles, gardens, arboreta and other tourist attractions. The handheld electronic guidebook directs visitors around the site, automatically planning the route to take account of personal preferences and interests. At each location or exhibit the system provides relevant multimedia information, tailored to the interests, background, age and preferences of the individual.

The multimedia guiding system offers visitors an exciting and attractive alternative to conventional audio guides or guide books. Each visitor is taken on a personalised tailor-made tour taking account of their interests, and can view a multimedia presentation as they move around the site. For more information please see our section on visitor guiding systems.

Genova Workshop

This new concept was recently demonstrated by the Agamemnon consortium in Genova. Please click here for more details.


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