Multimedia Tour Guide System

Interactive Tour Guide

@ease is a new concept in interactive tour guides and visitor scheduling. Unlike the audio guides currently used in museums, or the brochures available at exhibitions, @ease allows timely tailor-made multimedia information about the exhibits on display to be presented in a variety of media forms on a smartphone or tablet.

Furthermore, @ease makes each visit unique by tailoring the route and the information displayed specifically to the user's preferences and length of visit. @ease offers an exciting alternative to conventional audio tours and can be used for applications such as interactive museum guides, multimedia experiences at tourist attractions or handheld tour guide for towns.

Virtual Tour Guide System

@ease is ideally suited for museums, trade shows, exhibitions, archaeological sites, city centres, galleries, theme parks, castles, parks, gardens, arboreta and many other visitor attractions. The system profiles each visitor, ascertaining their interests and level of expertise/knowledge, and automatically schedules a personalised visit based on the time they have available. The visitor is given a handheld location-aware virtual tour guide system which intelligently directs the user around the site or exhibition. At each point the visitor is presented with information relating to nearby attractions or exhibits, in a form appropriate to their interests and expertise.

Multimedia Experience

The visitor guide is totally interactive: at any point the visitor can request more information, extend or reduce the length of the visit, listen to commentary or view video clips, or ask for further information to be emailed to them. Visitors can be notified of demonstrations, presentations, etc. and have the option of rescheduling their visit around any event of interest to them. @ease is web-enabled, allowing potential visitors or customers to plan their visit before they arrive.

Location Based Services

@ease may be used to provide tours around towns and regions, acting as a GPS tour guide and directing the visitor to points of interest based on their preferences and time constraints. Our location based services software enables context-sensitive display of information about nearby attractions, monuments, points of interest, restaurants, retail outlets, etc. The @ease LBS framework is designed to be used by tourist authorities to promote their region and provide visitors with a richer experience that is tailored to their requirements.


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