Just In Time Software

Just In Time Planning

MJC²'s just in time software provides real-time planning tools for the management of large, complex operations and networks:

  • Real-time re-optimization in response to demand & supply
  • Automatic driver/vehicle scheduling and delivery planning
  • Dynamic allocation & routing, workload balancing
  • Multimodal transport optimization and integrated logistics

Our just in time (JIT) systems can be used in a wide range of logistics, manufacturing and service operations and have the flexibility to model all business rules and constraints while being fast enough to schedule and optimize even very large organisations in seconds.

Just-in-Time Manufacturing

MJC²'s Just-in-Time manufacturing scheduling software enables real-time optimized response to changes in demand, customer orders, availability of materials/components and labour/equipment capacity. Our production planning software allows manufacturing operations to become more agile and responsive while maintaining high quality and service level standards.

Just-in-Time Distribution Planning

MJC²'s real-time vehicle and driver scheduling systems enable automated re-optimization of delivery/collection routes and resource allocation, dynamically responding to delays and last-minute orders in an efficient, cost-effective way. Our JIT logistics planning software addresses large, complex networks and multi-site delivery operations.

Dynamic Mobile Workforce Scheduling

Our real-time mobile workforce scheduling systems dynamically allocate jobs to field workers based on skills, availability and location. Integration with smartphone and mobile working technology enables real-time dispatch and visibility, while demand-led rostering and shift planning algorithms optimize coverage and service.

Synchromodal Logistics

Synchromodal logistics optimization enables freight forwarders and shippers to dynamically re-route freight through the multimodal network, automatically responding to delays and disruptions while maintaining cost-effective service and increasing resilience. Integrated last-mile scheduling of hauliers and drivers ensures that multimodal transport plans remain feasible and efficient, supporting the JIT supply chain.



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