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Solutions for the Leisure & Tourism Sector

MJC²'s planning and optimization systems are designed for leisure and tourism operators seeking to improve and extend the service they can offer to their customers while maintaining an efficient and cost effective operation.

Our software solutions range from supply chain planning and employee scheduling to interactive visitor guiding. Our systems are designed for large, complex operations and have the flexibility to model all business rules and constraints, while being straightforward to use and quick to implement.

Demand Led Rostering and Employee Scheduling

MJC²'s ROCS software automatically calculates rotas for customer service staff in restaurants, leisure centres and visitor attractions.

ROCS can for example create a demand-led roster based on forecast volumes and taking account of factors such as employee working hours constraints/preferences, variable patterns, overtime, etc.

The system includes real-time monitoring and reporting of actual work done to enable comparison against planned activity and dynamic rescheduling when unforeseen events lead to staffing issues. ROCS is designed for large, multi-site operations and multi-skilled workforces.

Supply Chain Planning and Optimization

Our supply chain optimization systems are applicable to restaurants, bars, hotels and pubs which handle large volumes of perishable goods and are subject to unpredictable short-term volume fluctuations.

Our DISC and e-Stock toolsets provide distribution scheduling and real-time inventory management functionality.

i-Data generates demand forecasts and customer service analyses while SLIM can be used for strategic logistics optimization. MOBi is designed for field sales staff who need to view inventories and place orders in real time while visiting customers.

Interactive Guides and Multimedia Experience

MJC²'s @ease solution for museums and exhibitions uses smartphone technology to provide the visitor with a personalised tour, scheduled according to their preferences and interests. @ease can also guide visitors around theme parks or attractions, scheduling their route to minimise queues at bottlenecks.



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