Public Sector and Government

Optimization Solutions for the Public Sector

MJC²'s scheduling and optimization software solutions are ideally suited for governmental or public sector organisations which are required to manage very large workforces or complex supply chains while maintaining high service levels and operating under stringent budget constraints.

  • shift planning - team scheduling - task planning
  • visit scheduling - field service management - mobile data
  • nurse scheduling software - mobile equipment planning
  • round planning - passenger transport scheduling
  • route optimization - vehicle/driver planning- strategic analysis

The public sector is under continuous pressure to maintain high service levels whilst reducing costs. Our innovative software solutions enable organisations to meet their targets for customer-centric service delivery and efficiency.

Employee Scheduling and Demand Led Rostering

MJC²'s employee scheduling system ROCS creates shift plans and rosters based on forecast or actual demands.

ROCS optimizes the scheduling of staff shifts taking account of working time directives, preferences, union agreements, skills, training, annualised hours, seasonality, daily or weekly variances, holidays, etc.

Employee rosters can be created over a period of weeks or months, balanced to ensure an even distribution of work to employees to minimise overtime and maximise availability and customer service.

Our forecasting system i-Data enables analysis and profiling of historical data to create demand led rosters, while integration with Time & Attendance or mobile workforce tracking systems facilitates management of working patterns and hours and provides visibility across the organisation.

Mobile Workforce Optimization

MOBi optimizes the assignment of work to employees, allocating thousands of jobs and visits in seconds, while following business-specific rules and constraints.

Our real-time scheduling systems can take account of factors such as skills, training, availability, preferences, overtime, location, etc. when deciding which employee should be assigned to each job.

Typical applications include scheduling of inspectors/inspections, surveyors, researchers, maintenance crews or engineers and technicians.

MOBi enables real-time communication between the mobile workforce and central planning systems. The workflow and scheduling algorithms are configurable and can be tailored to meet specific operational requirements.

Healthcare Scheduling Software

Medical Staff and Mobile Equipment

ROCS schedules both equipment and personnel using an integrated model that is suitable for static and mobile resources.

The software automatically allocates work to doctors, nurses and support staff, while also scheduling equipment utilisation and positioning where applicable.

Integration with DISC and REACT allows planning of logistics and transport operations, including allocation of work to drivers and vehicles.

Demand Led Rostering

ROCS also provides demand-led rostering functionality that optimizes shift patterns and staffing levels based on anticipated demand and seasonal/weekly variations.

Integration with self service solutions enables efficient communication and update of rotas, and enables capture of holiday bookings and long-term absence information.

Homecare Scheduling

MJC²'s mobile workforce scheduling software automatically plans and optimizes homecare visits and rounds, aiming to balance work fairly between employees while minimising travel time.

MOBi models operational rules such as staffing requirements, training, special skills, gender constraints and working hours agreements, and also ensures that work schedules adhere to service level agreements.

Integration with smartphone and laptop applications enables real-time visibility of visit completion and progress, allowing early detection of possible delays and comparison of planned vs actual timings to assist with future planning.

Passenger Transport Planning

MJC²'s transport planning and vehicle scheduling systems can model and optimize passenger transport networks and fleet operations, including taxis, minibuses, school vehicles or patient transport.

SLIM provides strategic logistics optimization tools for planning resource allocation and network configuration. Integration with i-Data enables forward planning of resource and asset utilisation, and facilitates analysis such as determining the ideal site for a new depot or identifying the best mix of vehicle types for a fleet.

Waste and Recycling Route Planning

Our vehicle routing software is applicable to operations which plan and manage a large, complex fleet of vehicles and are required to service a dynamic and unpredictable demand, such as domestic waste collection services, recycling collection operations and industrial/bulk liquid transport.

DISC provides tools for real-time scheduling of vehicles and drivers, while ROCS addresses tactical and strategic optimization of employees and resources based on forecast demand.

Integration with processing plant schedules (e.g. using PIMSS) enables integrated optimization of the entire supply chain, providing end-to-end visibility of recycling and waste management resources.



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