Transport Planner Software

Transportation Planning Systems

MJC²'s transport planner software covers vehicle routing, driver planning & delivery scheduling, strategic planning and dynamic scheduling. Typical applications of our transport planner tools include:

  • Distribution scheduling: transport planning and delivery schedule systems for optimizing distribution and freight operations - vehicle, driver, trailer and warehouse planning.
  • Vehicle routing: route planner software for scheduling deliveries or collections taking account of time constraints, road transport access restrictions, vehicle compatibility, etc.
  • Employee transport planning: employee routing systems which can schedule employee movements and assign transport resources accordingly.
  • Transport network optimization: strategic planning tools which can accurately model complex intermodal transport and logistics networks.
  • Dynamic road transport software: automatic dispatcher software capable of dynamically reassigning work to vehicles, taking account of unplanned events (unexpected orders, employee unavailability, delays, etc.) while minimising operational disruption and maximising resource utilisation.

Our transport planning systems can model all business rules and constraints and are fast enough to schedule and optimize very large networks with hundreds or thousands of vehicles and employees.


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