Air Cargo Terminal Optimization

Reducing Queueing at Cargo Terminals

EUROSKY is an innovative approach to increasing security and efficiency in air cargo operations. Sharing of information between actors in the supply chain is important but the MJC² solution goes further by using the data to dynamically plan and optimize end-to-end ground operations, from shipper to ramp.

Logistics operators have saved anywhere between 10%-30% of operational costs by implementing MJC²'s solutions:

  • Faster turnaround time means more loads per day with the same resources.
  • Real-time tracking means increased security and efficiency for drivers.
  • Dynamic resource allocation means increased throughput for cargo handlers.

The result is a solution that benefits all actors in the supply chain. In particular, hauliers can optimize the use of their fleet and benefit from much faster turnaround times at the terminal, while cargo handlers achieve increased throughputs and reduced operational costs.

Real-time Logistics Optimization

Queueing at busy terminals is a perennial problem. However the highly dynamic nature of the air freight industry and complexity of the transport and handling processes makes scheduling very challenging.

The EUROSKY solution applies real-time planning and scheduling algorithms which smooth the flow of cargo to and from handling centres, making best use of haulier and cargo handler resources.

EUROSKY addresses the commonly voiced question "what's the benefit to me?" which is often the stumbling block when implementing a multi-stakeholder initiative.

In the EUROSKY approach each organisation benefits, whether they collaborate with other organisations or not, but if they do collaborate the mutual benefits multiply, delivering a win-win solution for all parties.

Demand Led Rostering

Another key component of the EUROSKY toolset is innovative demand-led rostering and real-time allocation algorithms which ensures that shifts are well-matched to demand, and that staff are allocated to the right task at the right time to achieve high throughput at critical times.

EUROSKY uses forecast demand, flight schedules and capacity of screening and handling equipment as the input, calculating required staffing levels and corresponding shift patterns.

Working time constraints and business-specific rules such as required rest breaks, skill/training requirements and handling rates are modelled.

In real-time the EUROSKY system automatically re-balances the allocation of staff to equipment and tasks, using live data feeds about flight schedules and freight volumes/types from e-AWBs, so that the operation can respond efficiently to spikes and troughs in demand. This leads to increased throughput and faster turnaround for hauliers at the terminal.



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