Vehicle Tracking Systems

Vehicle Tracking and Telematics

Our real-time logistics software integrates with GPS vehicle tracking systems (or other vehicle location and telematics systems) to provide centralised visibility, automated rescheduling and increased security and safety in the logistics operation.

Real-time Visibility

GPS fleet tracking systems for vehicles and/or trailers provide regular updates to our REACT real-time dispatch solution.

Using this information, REACT estimates journey times and ETAs, warning about deviations from plan and automatically rescheduling if required (please see below).

REACT uses vector routing and mapping GIS data to display vehicle locations on maps, including status updates about current work and dynamically updated ETAs. Automatic capture of events such as arrivals and departures can be achieved using geo-fencing or integration with in-cab solutions.

Historical tracking data can be used to monitor vehicle performance and driver activity, and to analyse utilisation, on-time delivery %, driver hours, distance travelled, time-on-site and other indicators.

Real-time Transport Planning

Logistics Optimization

MJC²'s software uses the data received from telematics systems to automatically re-optimize vehicle and driver utilisation (while following operational rules such as time constraints, access restrictions, order priorities, vehicle suitability, driver training and availability).

For example, based on current location, REACT can estimate subsequent ETAs and automatically re-allocate later work depending on whether the vehicle is expected to arrive ahead or behind schedule.

Mobile Workforce

Similarly, integration with MJC²'s MOBi mobile workforce system provides drivers with in-cab functionality, enabling real-time transmission of updated schedules and real-time capture of data and delivery notes.

Job allocations and visit schedules can be updated and refined in response to delays, last-minute customer orders or other operational issues, taking into account the current location of the workforce.

Security Optimization

GPS asset tracking is available for trailers, tractors, containers and other mobile assets. MJC² has exploited this new source of real-time data to provide solutions which increase security in logistics operations.

In the SAFEPOST and EUROSKY projects tracking data was used alongside new Artificial Intelligence algorithms to detect suspicious behaviour in parcel and air freight operations.

Similarly, in the CONTAIN initiative, the innovative use of container-mounted security tracking devices was enhanced by integration with real-time container logistics scheduling algorithms to help transport operators and customs authorities detect potentially suspicious activity for import and export movements.



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